Palancares Alimentación launches new range of sliced cheese wedges


The new products include the flavour strength on the label, making the company the first in Spain to incorporate this indicator


Palancares Alimentación, part of the Grupo Fuertes holding company, dedicated to the production of cheese and dairy products, is launching a new range of sliced 200 grammes cheese wedges adapted to current consumer trends.

These new products include the characteristics of the flavour of the cheese, one of the biggest consumer demands and one of the fields in which Palancares leads, as it is the first producer in Spain to incorporate the flavour strength indicator, which goes from level 1, the mildest, until 5, the strongest. This incorporation is a very advanced step in the sector as it adds value to the customer’s purchasing decision at the time of choosing which cheese they prefer.

Palancares has also improved the label so that better information on the product’s ingredients is available to the consumer. As such, it has aimed at minimising the presence of artificial additives and allergens, which is one of the priorities in the company’s development.

The sliced wedges have been designed with the adequate weight and variety, in an inviting and attractive presentation for the product’s most loyal customers and for those who are trying it for the first time.

Palancares, located in Bullas, has modern facilities equipped with cutting edge technology in order to make its cheeses a benchmark inside and outside Spain. The company has undergone an important transformation process over the last few years which has resulted in ten times more production capacity.