About us

Our holding company

We are one of Spain’s main business groups managing around twenty companies strategically organised in two large business areas. The holding company is made up of a strong agro-food core and a collection of diversified investments which guarantee its financial soundness and future. More than 6400 professionals strive every day to continuously respond to our customers and consumer’s demands and ensure the products and services we offer are of the highest quality.

Our philosophy

Excellence and Competitiveness

Our philosophy is based on competitiveness, reinvestment, job creation and sustainable development. All the companies in the group share a strategy of service, excellence, investment and efficiency, focussed on our customers’ complete satisfaction. We combine the company’s economic success with sustainable development, which means we take decisions based not only on financial criteria, but also on social and environmental criteria.


Our maxim is to focus our activity towards society via a sustainable, efficient and profitable business management model, which gives added value to all our stakeholders and generates wealth via job creation. We do this through excellence, innovation and technological development in the execution of all the activities undertaken by our different business lines. Furthermore, we are constantly in touch with our customers and focus our effort and guide our growth on the basis of their concerns. We adapt to meet their needs and make them our raison d'être.


We want to continue being an integrated and diversified benchmark for society, which, aware of new social needs, pursues sustainable development with the sole purpose of contributing to a better future, guaranteeing logical, serious and responsible decision-making in all our activities and ensuring that the people who interact with us are satisfied.



Our ultimate goal is excellence. We are absolutely convinced that adopting a culture of excellence in management guarantees competitiveness. That our companies are just another company is not enough for us, we want to be the benchmark and leaders, each one in its own sector. For us, "success isn´t a goal, it’s a way of life".

Integrity and honesty

Seriousness, commitment and professionalism define our work and are reflected in the excellent professionals who form part of our team. We count on professionals who stand out for their work, common sense, and integrity, always respecting current legislation and safeguarding the Group’s interest.


The Group, despite its current patrimonial and social situation, is aware of its humble origins and, as a result, maintains this value as a fundamental guide in the treatment and relationships it has with society and anyone in its area of activity.


How we relate to anyone in our business and professional framework is characterised by the transparency of our intentions, expressing truthfully and fairly interest and information which affect all those who are somehow connected to the Group.


As a consequence of the aforementioned values, for Grupo Fuertes and its people, loyalty plays a big part in behaviour and understanding, as well as the strict fulfilment of these values and the general principles that guide the Group.
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