Bodegas Luzon launches the Colección range, its most innovative proposal yet


Five new wines with which the winery is embarking on a new oenological era based on  using local grapes

Bodegas Luzon has just launched  its new wine range, Luzón Colección, onto the market,  made up of new wines with which the company is embarking on a new oenological era led by Vicente Micó and based on respecting the land. They are authentic wines which are made with local varieties from PDO Jumilla, whilst being innovative and modern, both in terms of the actual wine and packaging design.

The soil determines the robust and different character of these five wines made mainly from Monastrell and Garnacha Tintorera grapes, characterised in both cases by offering pleasant, tasty and intense products.  These varieties are gaining prestige in today’s wine culture because of the interesting results they produce.

Luzón Colección is a range with charm and integrity made up of three red wines with different ageing: crianza, eight months and a young one; a white and a rosé, which will without doubt surprise everyone who tries them, as they conserve the qualities of the grapes with which they have been made.

Luzón Colección Crianza

70% Monastrell and 30% Garnacha Tintorera, this crianza has spent 12 months in American and French oak barrels. It is an elegant, mature wine with velvety tannins and a long finish.

Luzón Colección Garnacha Tintorera

The grape used in this innovative proposal from Bodegas Luzón comes from the company’s historic vineyards which are more than 40 years old and are traditionally cultivated. The result is a round, concentrated wine with well-structured tannins, good volume on the palate and a long and persistent finish.

Luzón Colección Monastrel

A young red wine made from 100% Monastrell grapes, an intense purple in colour, with aromas of red fruits such as cherries, strawberries and black plums and a long, vibrant spicy finish. It presents a well-structured body and is juicy and fresh on the palate.

Luzón Colección Rosé

Also made from 100% Monastrell grapes from the vertically trellised vineyards which are 20 years old on average, this rosé has a pink salmon colour. It is a well-balanced, medium-bodied wine with refreshing acidity, a fine texture with no rough edges. Its finish on the palate is sweet and refreshing with flavours which recall caramel sweets and jam.

Luzón Colección White

With 50 per cent macabeo and the rest Sauvignon Blanc it is a yellow wine with sparkling green hues, with aromas of green apple mixed with citrus and tropical fruits. It has an unctuous and tasty foretaste and a persistent finish.

Luzón Colección is a product designed to be used in catering and to be sold in wine bars and specialised shops.

Broadly speaking, wines from Protected Designation of Origin Jumilla have been extraordinarily successful in the international wine scene, being one of the wines that has won the most awards in national and international contests.  Bodegas Luzón is one of the largest producers of this designation and its innovative contributions are helping it to enter the podium of the current wine scene.

The company is planning an ambitious research and development programme to make wine an inseparable part of gastronomy and offer its consumers maximum pleasure.