BBodegas Luzón launches its strategy ‘Historias con…’ which brings together people and emotions with the world of wine


The new strategy of the winery brand looks for consumers who are lovers of travelling, music, culture, details…people who appreciate the small things in life

‘Historias con…’ is the  leitmotiv of the new image and communication concept of Bodegas Luzón. The company has put its trust in the company from Alicante  BFP, and is aimed at a public which enjoys wine in the different moments of their lives.  Moments which become  #HistoriasConLuzón.

For a year Bodegas Luzón and its consumers will build these “historias” (stories) based on moments, meetings, get-togethers, listening to a song or discovering a cosy corner.  Each one of them accompanied by wines from the Luzón Colección, Luzón Premium or Luzón Organic range and they will become something special which “we want our customers and friends to tell us about “, said  Francisco Javier Martínez, managing director of the winery.

“More and more people are choosing to get to know our facilities through the wine tourism line with guided tours and a variety of events throughout the year”. The head of Bodegas Luzón is convinced that the change of strategic direction will attract new customers to the world of wine. With this bid Luzon starts to renew its brand strategy, adapting to the profile of those people who have started to drink wine over the last few years and adding them to their loyal customers.

The campaign includes actions in different cities and places related to the chosen themes (music, gastronomy, travelling, etc), and an important support through social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as their web page. On these channels they will encourage followers to tell their #HistoriaConLuzón. The company from Jumilla is taking another step in its strategy without losing the essence of its wine tradition, in its conviction that renewing its markets, incorporating new consumers, but above all evolving  its wines must form part of a profound transformation in its business growth and how the winery’s development is perceived.