Leader in the turkey meat market

Procavi is a leader in the turkey meat market, with a national market share of 52 per cent and it is the fourth in Europe and the eleventh in the world.  Its production capacity reaches 129,000 tonnes annually, which is equal to 11.9 million processed turkeys. Procavi has developed an integrated production and environmental  management system for its business activity which includes the hatchery, feed mills, breeding plants, farms, quality control laboratory, slaughter and meat preparation room, a waste water treatment plant, a plant using the by-products and another of cogeneration which works with gas, as well as the sale and distribution of products. It has modern facilities made up of a livestock centre for rearing and fattening of the birds, three compound feed mills, a hatchery, a breeding plant and turkey meat processing plant.  Thus, all the necessary production cycle is controlled to offer the consumers a quality-guaranteed meat in which they can trust.