Company specialised in slicing and packaging food for distribution

Sediasa Alimentación is a company specialised in slicing and packaging food for distribution, founded in response to the growing demand of packaged products ready to take away. With a production capacity of over 70 million kilos per year, its objective is to give added value to the food supply chain, with packaging and formats adapted to the characteristics of each household. For this, it has modern installations with a high level of automation in the production processes which connect the different areas of production, packaging and preparation of meat orders, delicatessen and bread crumbed meat. It is certified in the most demanding quality regulations, in the superior category of IFS (International Food Standard), as well as the regulations relating to packaging Iberian products and that of the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) for serrano ham.  Furthermore, it has certification from FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations) on a national level and ELS on an international level, which guarantees that all our products are gluten free.