The president of Grupo Fuertes, Tomás Fuertes, receives the “Businessman of the Year” award from the acting Minister of Economy and Business Nadia Calviño, in honour of his professional career


The “Tu Economía” awards are organised by the national newspaper La Razón

Tomás Fuertes, president of the holding company Grupo Fuertes has received from the hands of the acting Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño the “Businessman of the Year” award for his professional career, in the “Tu Economia” awards organized by the national newspaper La Razón.

Alongside the president of Grupo Fuertes other companies also received recognition in different categories in the fifth edition of these awards, including Naturgy, Solaria, Finizens, Línea Directa and El Corte Inglés, as well as other prestigious national and international companies.

The jury of these awards highlighted that all the award-winners have several characteristics in common such as “their progress has been possible thanks to constancy, a commitment to innovation and their ability to overcome difficulties, having a well-planned and implemented strategy, a non-conformist nature and being customer focused”.

The jury was made up of the analyst of the XTB Javier Urones, La Razón’s publications director, José Antonio Vera, the newspaper’s assistant director of the newspaper, Andrés Navarro, The advertising director, Manuel Torres, and the awards coordinator, Juan Delgado.

Tomás Fuertes has been the president of this holding group for more than 40 years with the clear mission of being useful to society. Grupo Fuertes is an international consumer benchmark thanks to it strong core of agro-food companies and a collection of diversified investments which guarantee its soundness and future. With more than 7000 people directly employed and another 50000 indirect jobs created and a turnover exceeding 1,600 million euros, the company’s business philosophy is based on continuous improvement, reinvestment, sustainable development and a commitment to society.