The natural mineral water company AQUADEUS donates 30,000 euros to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases for research projects


The company has sold 200,000 units of its six-bottle pack from the Bienestar range under the slogan “Research is our hope”

In Spain there is estimated to be more than three million people suffering from rare conditions and in Europe the number could reach 36 million

The mineral water company Aquadeus donates 30,000 euros to the Spanish Federation  of Rare Diseases (Feder) to finance research projects for the more than three million people who are estimated to be suffering from rare conditions in Spain and some 36 million in Europe. There are thought to be 7,000 rare diseases in Spain.

Aquadeus has sold 200,000 units of its six-bottle pack from its Bienestar range, that is, 1,200,000 units raising 15 cents per euro for each one of them. The packs have the awareness raising campaign slogan printed on them “Research is our hope” in order to raise awareness in society of the need to look for medical solutions for these diseases.

The packs of Bienestar water, made up of six pink one-litre bottles, will continue to be sold in their distributors and in eateries throughout Spain, with the aim of continuing to raise funds for research projects.

During the ceremony to present the money the president of Feder, Juan Carrión defined this initiative as “a show of generosity which creates hope”.

For his part, the president of Grupo Fuertes, Tomás Fuertes, highlighted how important these organisations are when it comes to helping society to improve quality of life in general and particularly health-wise.

In the ceremony to hand over the funds the sales director of Aquadeus, Julián Garre, said he was proud of having been able to offer a contribution which will help advance research in medical solutions for people who currently have enormous difficulties.


Aquadeus is a company dedicated to bottling and selling natural mineral water whose spring is located in the protected nature area of El Arquillo, in the immediate surroundings of Alcaraz mountain range (Albacete). The water springs naturally from between the limestone rocks of the subsoil and during its natural cycle it incorporates minerals and trace-elements which make it one of the most balanced waters on the market.

Aquadeus is a company with wide ranging social work and collaborates with different charitable associations and NGOs, including the Spanish Transplants Association (AET), the D’ Genes Association and Cáritas. Moreover, it promotes physical and sporting activity, sponsoring and collaborating with different teams and sporting events.


 The Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER), declared an organisation of Public Interest, is the voice of 3 million people with rare diseases in Spain. FEDER is a national not-for- profit organisation which has been working since 1999 and is currently made up of more than 330 associations.

This organisation is represented all over Spain and works together with the European, Latin-American and world movement to improve the quality of life of people with rare diseases and their families, whose problems are directly related with the difficulties of access to diagnosis and treatment.