The Grupo Fuertes university chair of Business Excellence sets out its Business Talent training programme


This is one of the actions included in the chair, aimed at promoting business talent among students from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Murcia

The university chair of Business Excellence has set up its Business Talent training programme aimed at the top students from the latest courses of the faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Murcia.

The objective for this initiative is to strengthen social and communication skills, develop management skills as well as training them in new technologies for business management.

The ten week training programme, which is to start next year, is totally free for the chosen students, and the idea is to improve the employability of the graduates from the University of Murcia by establishing a direct connection between the reality of the business world and  the academic day-to-day of the students.

This project is one of the lines of work included in the chair to help the highest achieving students from the faculty to join the world of work and it is finished off with work experience in the company, participation in international development programmes in search of business excellence and carrying out research and studies.

Grupo Fuertes has created two chairs at the University of Murcia, this one connected to the faculty of Business and Economics and the other one about Food Safety and Sustainability with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to promote innovation and internationalisation and apply the resulting knowledge to the business world. These activities are an example of the close relationship which this company has with the educational institution in the R&D&I field.

This business group is an international benchmark for consumer brands thanks to a strong core of agro-food companies and a collection of diversified investments which guarantee soundness and future. With 7000 direct employees, 50,000 indirect and a turnover exceeding 1,600 million euros, the company’s business philosophy is based on continuous improvement, reinvestment, sustainable development and social commitment.