Procavi increases its exports by 10 per cent and maintains its rate of investment


The company, leader in turkey meat production in Spain, brought last year to a close with a turnover of 277 million euros, 4 per cent more  

 The organisation is to invest 17 million euros between 2018 and 2019

The agro-food company Procavi, part of the Grupo Fuertes holding company, has brought 2018 to a close with a 10 per cent increase in exports, mainly aimed at Europe and Eastern Africa, driven by their supply efficiency.

Procavi, leader in the turkey meat market in Spain, fourth in Europe and tenth in the world thanks to its firm commitment to innovation, continues to be immersed in the modernisation of its production processes, for which it is to invest 17 million euros between last and this year. These investments are aimed at the meat processing centre in Marchena, increasing the capacity of its feed factory in Carmona, (both facilities located in the Seville province), building the first phase of its new feed factory in Sierra de Yeguas in Malaga, as well as enlarging various livestock centres located in Extremadura and Andalusia.

The company, which produces more than 156,000 tons of meat per year, brought 2018 to a close with a 4 per cent increase in turnover, making it 277 million euros. These are very positive results given that turkey meat production in Spain is under a lot of pressure price-wise which producers cannot transfer to the market.

Procavi employs 1,887 people at its facilities, which is an increase of 5.12 per cent with respect to last year and its business activity generates 9000 jobs indirectly.

The organisation has an integrated production and environmental management system for its business activity which goes from the hatchery, feed factories, reproduction centres, farms, the quality control laboratory, the processing centre, or the meat preparation room through to the waste water treatment plant, the by-product reprocessing plant and another of cogeneration which works with gas. It undertakes its business activity alongside defending its environmental values as it is committed to its surroundings.