PALANCARES ALIMENTACIÓN renews the image of its fleet of Lorries with its most emblematic products


Photographs of cheeses certified with Designation of Origin and healthy and traditional fresh cheeses are already circulating on Spanish and European roads

PALANCARES ALIMENTACIÓN has renewed the image of its fleet of lorries incorporating photographs of its most emblematic products. More specifically, cheeses with certified Designation of Origin, Murcia al Vino and Queso de Murcia Curado appear on the left side of the lorries, whilst, its range of healthy fresh  cheeses side (natural, no added salt, lactose-free and O% fat free) can be found on the right and finally, its traditional fresh cheeses on the back.

These lorries are already circulating on Spanish and European roads as mobile billboards with the corporate identity of PALANCARES ALIMENTACIÓN; an innovative company whose objective is to make its cheeses a benchmark in the market thanks to its firm commitment to product diversification and healthy food. The result of this philosophy was that it was the first to launch a lactose–free cheese, now a specific category. In addition it has been a pioneer in incorporating a flavour strength indicator on its cheeses.

PALANCARES ALIMENTACIÓN, part of Grupo Fuertes, is dedicated to the production of cheese and dairy products, largely from goat’s cheese.