Grupo Fuertes becomes the first company with a high volume of operations in Spain to migrate all its processes to the private SAP cloud


The holding company has moved all its technological infrastructure in a record time of 5 months sucessfully concluding this stage of its innovation strategy

Grupo Fuertes now manages its business from the private SAP Enterprise Cloud (HEC), to which it has moved all its technological infrastructure together with the management of it, its operating processes, as well as its SAP core in a record time of 5 months, making it the first Spanish business with a high volume of operations to do so.

The companies which make up Grupo Fuertes manage a large number of operations each year reaching 110 million financial entries, 104 million production planning operations and 80 million operations in handling units managed in real time with the SAP cloud systems.

The management of the business group from the new platform allows it greater flexibility and speed, the possibility to process and analyse business information in real time and to reduce the amount of information to process, as the main advantages.

From the heart of the SAP operations all operating processes, from production to sales are covered, including purchasing, customer relations, warehouse, human resources, quality and maintenance which are integrated in the module of finance, business planning and management control. The tasks related to the management of stock in a double unit of measure, consolidation and planning, invoices and documentation management, risk and compliance, commercial agreements and property management are also included.

Grupo Fuertes is an international consumer brand reference thanks to its strong core of agro-food companies and a collection of diversified investments which guarantee its soundness and future.  With 7000 direct employees, 50,000 indirect and a turnover exceeding 1,600 million euros, the company’s business philosophy is based on continuous improvement, reinvestment and sustainable development.