Fripozo breaks through the one hundred million euro barrier for turnover in 2017 thanks to innovation


Presenting its new product launches which bring the gastrobar experience to your home.

Fripozo broke though the one hundred million euro barrier for turnover in 2017 thanks to its unwavering commitment  to innovation for the consumer through a new media campaign, a website with a young friendly tone and its new product launches.

More specifically, in the last financial year it turned over 100.5 million euros, 5.2 per cent more than in 2016. In the last five years sales have increased by 30 per cent and its productive capacity has doubled.

Fripozo is also making advances in exporting to European countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Germany as well as Latin American countries which include Columbia, Chile, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Standing out among its latest launches are the ‘Tagliatelle Carbonara’ and ‘Tagliatelle Caprese’ pastas, authentic Italian recipes with pasta al dente which can be made easily in 5 minutes in the microwave or frying pan.

Joining these novelties are the products from the ‘Mucho Más Sano’ range which combine healthy food like quinoa, kale and brown rice with an important turkey content.

The ‘Tenders Cajún, barbacoa y miel’ or the ‘Crunchys de Gouda o Pollo’ are also well established in the market.  These combine the attractiveness of finger food with the trends consumed in the modern gastrobars.

Thanks to these innovations, Fripozo has managed to be present in all the main modern distribution companies with a growth of over 15% in the last financial year.