Cefusa and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena design a farm of the future with its management based on circular economy


Company and institution renew the Chair of Sustainable Environmental Management of Pork Production agreement

 Cefusa is committed to the development of increasingly more sustainable livestock facilities


The livestock company Cefusa, part of the holding group Grupo Fuertes, and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), are working jointly on designing a farm of the future and promoting more sustainable environmental management through the valorisation of livestock by-products.

This is the objective of the Chair of Sustainable Environmental Management of Pork Production, directed by Doctor Ángel Faz , which has been renewed today for the second year through the signed agreement between the heads of Cefusa, Tomás Fuertes, José Fuertes and Juan Cánovas and the chancellor of the UPCT, Alejandro Díaz.

Cefusa, supplier to ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, is committed to implementing better resource management at livestock facilities through circular economy and reducing its carbon and water footprints through the treatment and valorisation of by-products generated by its activity.

The research work undertaken during the first year of the Chair has focused on improving agricultural land fertility through the valorisation of slurry, which undergoes a rigorous process of prior treatment enabling a reduction in the erosive processes on the semi-arid zones and better use of water resources. In addition, the processes implemented aim to reduce emissions and minimize possible negative effects on the population near to the farms.

Cefusa and ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN are committed to the safest and most environmentally friendly models and applying state-of-the-art techniques which guarantee the most viable and sustainable solutions for the future of the livestock sector and the rural environment.


Cefusa is the livestock company of Grupo Fuertes. It is a modern, sustainable and dynamic company which is firmly committed to the implementation of a single global system of traceability, based on the total quality of the production process. It has livestock facilities and feed factories in various municipalities, equipped with the latest scientific and technological advances, capable of optimizing the production system. The company is certified in the programme of food safety and animal welfare (Animal Welfare Standards), as well as a pork production process free from antibiotic treatments (AFP Antibiotic Free Program). In addition, it has the certificate of traceability in the pig meat sector and standard CE-178/2002.


The Chair of Sustainable Environmental Management of Pork Production is coordinated by Ángel Faz Cano, doctor of science and lecturer at the UPCT, specialised in the treatment, valorisation and management of organic by-products from pork production and environmental rehabilitation. He is in charge of the group for the Management, Use and Recovery of Soil and Water at the University.

In his career as a researcher, Ángel Faz Cano has written numerous publications related to the treatment and valorisation of slurry from the pig meat sector and has collaborated with institutions such as the Ministry or CDTI on R&D programmes. He was awarded the Isaac Peral y Caballero Award. He is also the coordinator of the Mining, Environment and Sustainable Development Doctorate Programme.