Aquadeus becomes the official supplier of natural mineral water to the Andalusian Triathlon Federation


The mineral water company is supporting teams in all categories in order to encourage the general public to do sport

The natural mineral water company Aquadeus continues with its firm commitment to promote sport on becoming the official supplier for the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, with 200 member clubs made up of hundreds of participants.

The triathlon is an Olympic sport which brings together three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, which are carried out in order with no breaks between one test and the next one. It is considered to be one of the most demanding sports given the union of the different activities.

The creation of this link between the different organisations is based on the firm commitment of Aquadeus to promote sport, which has values in line with its business philosophy, encouraging a better quality of life, points in common with the different sporting projects which it is supporting. The company is working on continuous improvement through sport, healthy lifestyle habits and the development of innovation.

As well as incorporating the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, Aquadeus sponsors different teams, including UCAM football club, the Albacete Feminine Foundation, Jumilla football club, the Albacete Basketball Schools and the ELPOZO MURCIA Indoor football club. It also collaborates with multiple sporting events, such as the Madrid Marathon and Half Marathon.

The natural mineral water Aquadeus is the perfect resource to keep correctly hydrated, due to its low sodium content (3,3ml/l), which is why it is ideal for sportsmen and women.  This water conserves all the properties and beneficial characteristics of the Fuente Arquillo spring from which is derives in Albacete.

Aquadeus water has won the silver medal in the category Best Balanced Water in the international Gourmet Water competition in Paris competing with more than 70 brands from 20 different countries.

Drinking natural mineral water is one of the healthiest and most natural ways to stay hydrated. Drinking an adequate amount of water when we are doing any sort of physical exercise favours the elimination of the body’s waste substances.  It provides nutrients to the muscle cells and structural support and lubrication to tissues and joints and activates the essential enzymes to provide energy needed by the body, as well as helping to regulate body temperature.