Rafael Fuertes to participate in the Spain-Russia Business Council


The chief executive of Grupo Fuertes analyses its presence in the Eurasian country

The chief executive of Grupo Fuertes, Rafael Fuertes, has spoken in the Spain-Russia Business Council  Summit which is taking place today in the Eurasian country to explain his business experience.  The holding company which he represents inaugurates tomorrow a turkey producing company which has been started in collaboration with its Russian partner Cherkizovo, both leading companies in their sector in their respective countries.  The venture has meant an investment of 130 million euros.

The business meeting is taking place within the framework of the Joint Economic Commission between the Spanish government and the Russian Federation.  The meeting analyses the investment climate and business opportunities in both Spain as well as Russia, in particular in sectors which present the greatest potential for cooperation such as industry, agriculture and infrastructure.

Russia is a market which offers attractive opportunities for business and investment and whose economy is doing well, given that it has showed renewed growth, reflected in the reactivation of consumer spending.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, together with his Russian counterpart, Alexander Novak. Spanish businessmen and women can hold bilateral interviews with more than one hundred Russian businessmen and women who are participating in the forum.

In addition, the chief executive of Grupo Fuertes is to take part in the meeting which the Spanish delegation will hold this afternoon with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvédev.