Grupo Fuertes migrates its technology infrastructure to the private cloud SAP to strengthen its growth and international expansion


It is entrusting the business management of the 27 companies which make up the group to  the solutions offered by SAP, looking for unification and simplification

Grupo Fuertes has chosen SAP Spain  as its partner to take on the transformation of its business and prepare it for future growth and international expansion. As part of this project, it has chosen to base the management of all its business activities on the solutions offered by SAP and to migrate its technology infrastructure to the private cloud of the company, as well as the management of its operating processes.

With this project, Grupo Fuertes meets a double objective: on the one hand, it continues improving its operation with SAP applications, which allow it to increase the speed of all processes and raise the productivity level in the daily activity of the whole group, at the same time as optimising the capacity of managing and undertaking information analysis online.  On the other hand, it gains simplicity and efficiency when it comes to managing its technology infrastructure thanks to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. It is the first installation in Spain which uses the SAP platform to manage a volume as big as its daily transactions, since the initiative covers absolutely all the companies which make up Grupo Fuertes holding Company and all its processes.

“In Grupo Fuertes we have always been committed to technology, in fact, we believe that it is our best and greatest ally for achieving the Group’s strategy”, stated the CFO of Grupo Fuertes, Pablo Lorente. “In this case, SAP has become a platform which ensures the organisation’s growth and it is the main partner in the future development which we are planning in order to make further progress in international markets”, added Lorente.

In addition to the technical and economic aspects of the proposal and project, other factors have also played a part in deciding to continue to commit to SAP as a global solution to manage the operating processes of the group. As Pablo Lorente said, “we are immersed in an ambitious project and SAP has proved its capacity to transform our organisation and make us a company focussed on processes, and provide coherence with single data collection.  It has a wide spectrum of integrated and global solutions which deal with the different sectors in which we work, thus perfectly covering the holding company’s needs.”

Grupo Fuertes is a holding company made up of 27 businesses and more than 6,500 workers. With a turnover exceeding 1,500 million euro, it has a strong ago-food core, with the El Pozo Alimentación brand as one of its main references and a collection of diversified investments in different sectors including the hotel industry, leisure parks, the property market, the petrochemical and  tiling industry.