It invests 3 million euros in increasing its productive capacity by 20 per cent  The natural mineral water company Aquadeus has invested more than three million euros in expanding its facilities located in Robledo (Albacete) to increase its productive capacity by 20 per cent in order to reach appropriate dimensions to meet market needs.  This investment will lead to the creation of 15 new job vacancies. More specifically, Aquadeus has started two new lines of packaging; one for sparkling and another for still mineral water. In addition, it has expanded its storage space by 30 per cent. The objective set by the company is to continue to be above the sector average increasing production efficiency, as well as offering an excellent service to all its customers. Aquadeus water recently won gold in the International Gourmet Waters Competition organised by the Agricultural Goods Evaluation Agency, AVPA, in Paris. This is the maximum distinction in a competition which has counted on the participation of 75 brands of water from 19 different countries. Aquadeus has participated in the waters of medium mineralisation category and the quality of its product has allowed it to exceed other high quality brands such as the Portuguese Healsi, which won Silver, and the French Chantemerle, which got the bronze. This prize can be added to the fact that the natural mineral water Aquadeus has been chosen as one of the best bottled waters on the market five years consecutively, according to the Users and Consumers Association (OCU), for its chemical composition and its excellent value for money. This water is classified as containing bicarbonate, calcium and low in sodium, recommended for the preparation of children’s food and for low sodium diets. With this new recognition it is clear that Aquadeus is one of the most balanced and best quality mineral waters in the world.