Representantes de ambos grupos empresariales y autoridades en el acto de inauguración

The turkey producing company created by the Fuertes holding company and Cherkízovo is launched


Tamboskaia Indeika is prepared to become the leader in the Russian market

 Grupo Fuertes and the Cherkízovo Group have inaugurated today the turkey producing company Tamboskaia Indeika, created between them, located in Pervomaiski (The  Tambov Region) and it is set to become the leader of the Russian market

In attendance at the ceremony were the leaders of the respective business groups, Tomás Fuertes and Igor Babáev, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District, Аleksandr Beglov, the Spanish ambassador in Russia, Ignacio Ybañez, as well as high-ranking representatives of the Spanish government and the Region of Murcia, and many other figures.

Tambovskaia Indeika is a large scale international project in the Russian agricultural sector, fruit of a business alliance between Grupo Fuertes and the Cherkizovo Group. It uses the know-how of the subsidiary of the Spanish group, Procavi, which is the leading turkey production company in Spain, with a national market share exceeding 52 per cent, the fourth on a European scale and the eleventh in the world.

The start-up of the project has meant a total investment of 130 million euros and it is set to become the leader in turkey production in Russia as its current production volume is 40,000 tonnes of meat per year. The social and economic impact of the project is very significant as it has led to the creation of a thousand Jobs directly and five thousand indirectly in the Tambov region.

The facilities of Tambovskaia Indeika are some of the largest in the world and its objective is to meet the demand for turkey meat of the whole of Russia from Smolensko to Vladivostok, as well as Middle Eastern countries and Asia. The project is designed so that with minimum investment the meat production can be doubled to 80,000 tonnes yearly.

A large industrial complex has been built for the comprehensive production of turkey meat as well as cereal production, a fast growing sector and with great future potential, on land with a total surface area of 10,000 hectares in the “Pervomaisky” and “Staroyurevskiy” provinces in the Tambov region.  It has been designed using the latest technology guaranteeing absolute environmental respect for the surroundings. It has the ISO 22000:2005 and FSSC 22000 certification, the most demanding on an international scale.

It is a comprehensive project of turkey production and processing, which guarantees a product of the highest quality.  It has a hatchery for 5.6 million eggs per year; installations for rearing up to 2.5 million turkeys a year and for the fattening of 2.5 million.

The company has a feed factory producing 180,000 tonnes per year, as well as a warehouse for 90,000 tonnes of feed, ready to be doubled. The meat processing is done in facilities measuring 30,000 m2, processing up to 2,000 carcasses per hour.

All the facilities have cutting-edge technology which allow for automation and remote through IT systems which meet the highest biosafety standards.

In addition, the project includes offices, infrastructure and engineering facilities, including warehouses, houses for the specialists, a transport company, a logistics centre and a treatment plant.

Procavi is the company, subsidiary of Grupo Fuertes, which is proving its know-how to the recently created Tambovskaia Indeika. Nowadays, Procavi is the leading company in Spain for turkey production, and its production system is comprehensive as it controls all the productive phases. Its team, between direct and indirect Jobs, is 4000 people, it had a turnover last year of 258 million and its production capacity reaches 147,000 tonnes yearly, the equivalent of 13.5 million processed turkeys

Grupo Fuertes

Grupo Fuertes has firmly become an international benchmark for public consumption thanks to its powerful core of agro-food companies, which are rounded off by a collection of diversified investments which guarantee business soundness and future. Among the companies that form the group ElPozo Alimentación and Sediasa stand out in particular for their leadership in their respective sectors. It creates 6,500 direct Jobs, 33,500 indirect jobs and its turnover in 2016 reached 1,535 million euros.  Its business philosophy is based on continuous improvement, reinvestment and sustainable development.

The Cherkizovo group

The Cherkizovo group is the largest producer of meat and raw material in Russia. Its CEO, Sergei Mikhailov, and his family control 63 per cent of the Cherkízovo group, and the remaining 37 per cent of the shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and on the MICEX of Moscow, (Russia’s largest stock exchange). Its vertically integrated structure has led to sustainable growth. In 2015 its turnover exceeded 1,200 million euros. Over the last five years more than 1000 million dollars have been invested in the developing Russia’s agro-food sector.